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I am an herbalist with decades of practical experience. I have made at one time or another nearly every kind of herbal preparation you can name, One that I most enjoy making is herbal wine. Wine can be made using any herb that will make a pleasant tea or decoction. 


More than four decades ago I made my first gallon of elderberry wine from wildcrafted elderberries with only the most basic tools. 

  • A five qt. pot that served to prepare the must, and as the primary fermenter.
  • A gallon jug for secondary fermenter (car boy)
  • A balloon as the air lock
  • A ¼ ID plastic tube (siphoning tube)

I can still make a most excellent elderberry wine using only these simple tools and have a lot of fun doing it. But over the years I have added a few additional tools. These include :

  • A larger pot
  • More 1 gallon jugs
  • Two 3 Gallon car boys
  • Air locks and drilled stoppers
  • Hydrometer
  • Wine thermometer
  • A wine thief
  • Better siphoning equipment
  • Bottle corker

With this added equipment the only real change in the finished product is that I know the I can measure the alcohol content, and my bottled wine with my label looks very professional. The most important thing is to find a recipe that you really like. I have developed mine. I hope you can start with one of these recipes and adjust the ingredients, mostly the sugar and juice, and find your favorite wine.

Elderberry has been shown in numerous studies to reduce the duration and severity of colds and flu along with many other health benefits. It is for this reason that I make enough elderberry wine to always have some on hand. In addition I always like to have a pound or more of dried elderberries in my herbal cabinet for making a strong elderberry tea to be taken at the first hint of exposure to cold or flu viruses.

Wine is not the only way to get your daily dose of elderberries. From dried or fresh fruit you can also make elderberry juice, jelly, syrup and gelatin. Use your own imagination.


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